SeaTwirl Secures First Order for Vertical-Axis Floating Wind Turbine

Thursday, July 6, 2023

SeaTwirl, a Swedish company developing vertical-axis floating wind turbines, said Wednesday it had received its first commercial revenues.

"The purchase order applies to a bid for a new wind turbine application in the North Sea," SeaTwirl said.

The company in May signed a memorandum of understanding with Kontiki Winds to identify and deploy opportunities to deploy SeaTwirl’s floating wind turbines to electrify new and existing oil and gas assets and for micro grid applications such as the powering of fish farms, desalination plants and/or other small-scale applications that currently are based on fossil fuel electricity generation.

Through this collaboration, SeaTwirl has now secured a purchase order for developing a proposal including a smaller SeaTwirl wind turbine, specifically intended to electrify asset operations offshore. The model, currently called S1,5, is a smaller capacity turbine but designed to withstand some of the most demanding conditions in the North Sea, SeaTwirl said, without saying who the client was.

SeaTwirl CEO Johan Sandberg said: "It is extremely gratifying to announce that SeaTwirl now receives its first commercial revenues, which shows that the work we have put in to commercialize our technology now starts to pay off. While this is a very small amount of money, this is a milestone, and the symbolic value is important for us. 

"In this process we have passed a complicated supplier qualification, gained customer exposure, strengthened existing relationships, and most importantly created new ones. Under time pressure and with demanding design criteria, the team has delivered something we can be very proud of. This new concept can be the start of something truly exciting."

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