Green Yard Kleven to Refit Two Oceanica PSVs

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Green Yard Kleven in Norway said it has signed a contract with Brazilian shipowner Oceanica to convert two platform supply vessels (PSV) for operations with remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV) and offshore crane.

The two ships, both Marin Teknikk MT6009 design, have recently been purchased by Oceanica. One is already at Green Yard Kleven, and the other will arrive at the shipyard in the next few days. The retrofit is scheduled to be completed toward the end of the year, and work will start immediately.

After the conversion, the ships will operate in Brazil in deep water. Brazilian Oceanica specializes in inspection, intervention and monitoring of underwater structures offshore.

"The contract was drawn up in close collaboration with Marin Teknikk AS, and they will now work with design and engineering on the retrofit project. Over the years, the shipyard has built dozens of ships in collaboration with Marin Teknikk, and we appreciate that our good collaboration continues," said Karl Johan Barstad, Sales Manager Retrofit in Green Yard Kleven.

Green Yard Kleven and Oceanica both invest heavily in sustainable solutions. Among other things, equipment will be reused in the project. For example, the offshore cranes are secondhand and will be rebuilt to the current specification and to the right delivery time.

"There are many advantages to rebuilding existing vessels, using recycled material, and reusing equipment for the conversions. This will save resources and reduce both costs, emissions, and the amount of waste. Without compromising quality," Barstad said.

"Securing this contract gave us a nice and happy start after the holidays, says Hans Jørgen Fedog, CEO of Green Yard Kleven. "This was good news. The assignment increases our order reserve, although we still have the capacity to take on more projects. We are grateful for the trust and the assignment and we look forward to the collaboration with all partners involved."

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