Optime Subsea Invests in Topside Equipment

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Norway's Optime Subsea, a subsea system solutions provider, has said it has recently secured large international contracts worth millions of dollars as a result of the product portfolio expansion.

The company, which last year won a two-year well access deal with Aker BP, has said that it has developed its competence, as well as products and systems, to include topside equipment interfacing with its subsea systems.

"In order to control Opime’s existing subsea systems, it will require a cable/umbilical to provide power and communication signals from the topside computer systems, subsea. This cable is spooled on a reel managing both bend and tension, down to 3 000m water depth. The service personnel is then situated in a new and innovative...climate-controlled room. These new systems, the reel and the operator cabin combined with a test hydraulic unit, are now designed and ready for delivery," Optime said.

In addition to these new topside products, Optime has also grown and developed its supply chain. After some due diligence, they found their ideal partner in GT Automation from Kristiansand, Norway. 

In contrast to Optime’s focus on subsea equipment, GT Automation has developed its competence in the design and delivery of topside equipment.

“We are unfortunately not able to disclose the customers for these systems, except that they are large international providers where the contract value is several million dollars – each!" Carlsen continues.

Optime realized that in order to continue developing its topside products, the reel and controls cabin with its integrated test hydraulic unit would require an increase in resources and capacity. Instead of accumulate cost, GT Automation is selected as an integrated supplier that enables cost reduction, while improving the products, Optime said.

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