Weatherford Unveils ForeSite Flow

Monday, November 11, 2019

Oilfield services firm Weatherford has introduced ForeSite Flow, a flow-measurement solution driven by Production 4.0 intelligence.

Unveiled this week at ADIPEC 2019, ForeSite Flow is a full-range, non-nuclear multiphase flowmeter paired with Weatherford ForeSite intelligence. Built for every production environment from heavy oil to wet gas, this technology provides precise flow measurements for any fluid mixture without separation. By removing bulky test separators from the wellsite and eliminating nuclear-source management typically associated with other inline multiphase flowmeters, ForeSite Flow reduces both capital and operating expenses while increasing well-test frequency and accuracy, Weatherford said.

Flow data can be viewed remotely on any desktop or mobile device via intuitive dashboards that display real-time production rates and fluid properties to reveal true reservoir behavior. Through unprecedented flow-measurement accuracy, operators can access up-to-the-second data for wells with any gas-to-liquid ratio, while digitalization capabilities automate well-test processes and validation.

Intuitive dashboards display real-time flow data to reveal true reservoir behavior from any tablet or smartphone, anywhere in the world. (Image: Weatherford)

“Production 4.0 capabilities give us the power to drive more productivity while enhancing safety for our customers,” said Kyle Chapman, President of Production for Weatherford. “By moving beyond legacy flow-measurement equipment, we not only have a direct window into reservoir behavior, but we also reduce HSE risk, enhance personnel efficiency, and significantly shrink CAPEX and OPEX spend.”

According to Weatherford, ForeSite Flow requires 70% less opex and 40% less capex compared to conventional separators. The solution enhances personnel efficiency, reduces maintenance and lowers inventory requirements, while demanding less upfront costs, simpler installation and a smaller footprint, the company said.

ForeSite Flow's proprietary multiphase technology is unaffected by fluid chemistry, salinity or impurities, and is compatible with any flow regime for improved measurement accuracy. ForeSite Flow delivers continuous, real-time data with sub-second resolution for improved reservoir and production-management decisions.

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