CGG creates multi-physics business line

OE Staff
Thursday, October 9, 2014

CGG is launching its new business line, multi-physics effective 1 January 2015.

The multi-physics business line will be established in the acquisition division and will build upon CGG’s strength in potential field and electromagnetic geophysical methods.  It will combine all of the current airborne business line with the GravMag Solutions business that is presently in the marine business line.

The distinct brand identities of GravMag Solutions and Airborne will be retained with each of these business units continuing to trade under these names. 

The term Multi-Physics is used to describe solutions derived from the integration of multiple physical parameter measurements or datasets. In CGG, the use of the descriptive term multi-physics will replace the informal term “non-seismics,” previously used to describe alternative geophysical and remote sensing techniques. 

The two specialized teams also performing non-seismic techniques in Massy (general geophysics) and Rio de Janeiro (ground geophysics Brazil) will remain in the land business line due to their tight integration with the commercial and operational teams in land. 

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