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Flowmeters market ‘to double’

Jan 04, 2013

Multiphase flowmeters claimed a $240 million market in 2011 and are expected to achieve a compounded annual growth rate of 14.5%, which means reaching $472.2 million in 2016. According to Flow Research’s World Market for Multiphase Flowmeters study…

Rhadiant system

Nov 10, 2012

The new Rhadiant ultra-high temperature non-aqueous drilling fluid system released by M-I Swaco is said to eliminate drilling fluid product degradation, prevent wellbore control issues such as barite sag, and provide a thin filter cake for enhanced logging conditions…

Meeting the chemical injection challenge

Nov 01, 2012

As offshore operators get into deeper waters and develop more mature oil & gas fields using more complex well architectures, continuous downhole injection of chemicals is increasingly required to manage challenges such as scale formation or asphaltene precipitation within the wellbore…

Do nanoplate surfactants hold the key?

Nov 01, 2012

Potentially game-changing research which seeks to unlock the potential of nanotechnology to help maximise production from oil wells and extend the life of mature fields is under way in the US under an ITF-funded laboratory-based particle research project…

Statoil admits 'dialogue' doubts over Gullfaks C near miss

Oct 14, 2012

Norwegian operator Statoil acknowledged last month that it could have been clearer in its dialogue with Norway's Petroleum Safety Authority following the May 2010 incident where pressure build-up in well 34/10-C06A resulted in a near blowout and the shutdown of the Gullfaks C platform…

Restoring well integrity Congo-style

Oct 01, 2012

An innovative cased-hole expandable liner system has been deployed to repair casing corrosion in an offshore Congo well. Weatherford’s Scott Durment and Doug Farley explain why and how.Casing damage in older wells comes in many forms and from many sources…

Bridging the P&A gap

Sep 01, 2012

New and expanding regulations governing the growing number of ageing offshore oilfields are pushing the industry to develop safe, innovative and fit-for-purpose technologies for well plug and abandonment (P&A) operations and late-stage interventions…

Swifter surface logging

Jun 26, 2012

Surface logging company Empirica, a member of Reservoir Group, launched two new technologies that the company expects will trim significantly the time it takes to sample and view well data.Dual Flame Ionised Detection (Dual FID) technology is a high-speed chromatograph…

England's eastern promise

May 01, 2012

'The scope of [NAM/Shell] well repair and maintenance work will see [Kraken] visit nearly 50 platforms.'Offshore oil & gas and wind power opportunities for England's eastern region were debated at the biggest ever conference staged by EEE…

Liner technology comes of age

Apr 01, 2012

Nearly 11 years after Weatherford first commercially deployed drilling-with-casing, the service company is still testing the limits of where and how the technology can be helpful when it comes to overcoming wellbore instability. Jennifer Pallanich catches…

Going with the flow

Apr 01, 2012

A third-generation subsea multiphase flowmeter and a second-generation subsea wet gas meter are among the new products expected to emerge next from the Roxar Flow Measurement team in Bergen, now officially dubbed parent group Emerson's Multiphase Centre of Excellence…

Weir Group

Mar 03, 2012

Scotland’s Weir Group has acquired Novatech, a Dallas, Texas-based and family-owned manufacturer of well service pump valves and valve seats for upstream oil and gas applications, for $176 million.


Feb 10, 2012

AGR’s Aberdeen-based consultancy division has doubled its manpower in the Falklands to supply a team to its well management division to work on the Leiv Eiriksson. Following a six-month recruitment drive, the company expected to deploy a 50…

The economics of subsea sampling

Feb 01, 2012

The role of subsea sampling in securing maximum effectiveness from multiphase meters is reviewed here by Mirmorax chief executive Eivind Gransaether. He discusses how subsea sampling is addressing other crucial production management issues offshore…

Getting smarter and safer

Oct 01, 2011

Securing safe, smart, sustainable supply' provided the theme for SPE Offshore Europe, the biennial Aberdeen conference and exhibition that continues to bring in the crowds. A record-setting 32,025 unique visitors attended September's show. OE's Jennifer Pallanich…

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