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Decommissioning Brent

By  OE Staff Monday, 11 July 2016 13:32

In this video, Shell shows the history of its Brent field, in addition to its efforts in the decommissioning process.

Brent, located some 320mi from Aberdeen, one of several large fields that came on-stream during the global oil crisis of the 1970s. It is made up of four platforms – Delta, Charlie, Bravo and Alpha. Between them, they’ve drilled 154 wells.

Decommissioning of Brent is currently underway, as Shell has started permanently sealing the wells.

Part of Brent decommissioning involves an extraordinary, twin-hulled, purpose built vessel – the Pioneering Spirit. Its task is to lift the 24,000-tonne topside of Brent Delta and sail it to shore. It will be the heaviest lift ever undertaken at sea, Shell said.

There are also 28 pipelines that need to be removed, dug into trenches, or safely covered. And Shell needs to scientifically assess and deal with piles of rock shards, or “drill cuttings,” left on the seabed when the wells were drilled.

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