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Pekan Push

May 27, 2012

This state-of-of-the-art umbilical manufacturing plant is to be built by Aker Solutions in Pekan, Malaysia, to meet the anticipated Asia Pacific business growth. Representing a total investment of $60 million, the new facility will complement…

Marine Renewables

May 01, 2012

US offshore wind studies under wayThe US Department of Energy has awarded GL Garrad Hassan two grants worth a total of $700,000 to fund studies that will help identify optimal strategies for the installation, operation and maintenance of offshore…

Fast Worker

Apr 28, 2012

Tomahawk, the latest addition to Forum Subsea Technologies’ ROV range, has been built to be fast and agile and it shares the same 35kW power system and thrusters as Forum’s largest electric vehicle, the Comanche.It is manufactured at the Aberdeenshire facility of Sub-Atlantic…

Leak sniffer

Apr 28, 2012

The mobile early leak detection system (MELDS) from Teledyne TSS is claimed capable of quickly detecting leakages of dissolved methane and combustible gases from pipelines and subsea structures at depths down to 3000m. The versatile and…

IMR fleet troubleshoots 1.8 million barrels a day

Apr 01, 2012

French offshore service provider Bourbon Subsea Services calculates that its seven inspection, maintenance and repair vessels working offshore West Africa have supported hydrocarbon production to the tune of 1.8 million boe/d over an eight-year period…

Offshore drilling management: time to raise the game

Apr 01, 2012

In the aftermath of Macondo, the E&P industry is preparing to invest heavily in upgraded BOP equipment. For some drilling professionals, including Fraser Offshore’s Douglas Nunn, this is a questionable use of resources. ‘Hardware upgrades and…

Gearing up for growth

Apr 01, 2012

Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies is the relatively small group, with a current roster of around 300 people, spun off from parent group Kongsberg Maritime a year or two ago. Having merged its drilling and production units into a single division early this year…

Ultrasound business sense

Apr 01, 2012

Bergen companies know a thing or two about using intelligent sensors to optimize well productivity. One of the leaders in this field is ClampOn, which, as its name does more than suggest, specialises in sensors of the nonintrusive variety. Since it was founded in 1994…

Going with the flow

Apr 01, 2012

A third-generation subsea multiphase flowmeter and a second-generation subsea wet gas meter are among the new products expected to emerge next from the Roxar Flow Measurement team in Bergen, now officially dubbed parent group Emerson's Multiphase Centre of Excellence…

Putting pressure on the seabed

Apr 01, 2012

Three Norwegian projects are racing to deliver a subsea technology solution that promises to yield major rewards for the industry. Terry Knott provides a thumbnail sketch of the subsea gas compression ambitions for the Åsgard, Gullfaks and Ormen Lange fields…

Subsea teamwork

Mar 03, 2012

ROV and AUV software developer SeeByte and manufacturer Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) have teamed up to develop advanced control algorithms for ROV systems. The collaboration will build on SMD’s experience with its Distributed Vehicle Control…

Trial run

Mar 03, 2012

Perth-based subsea engineering and remote technology firm Velocious has rolled out a new ‘mock’ ROV that the company says can be configured to any industry standard workclass ROV, including the six most widely used ROVs in subsea construction…

Waimea piles guided home

Mar 03, 2012

A newly developed subsea pile-stabilising template has been successfully deployed for the first time in Brazil’s Campos Basin. The StabFrame, jointly developed by Large Diameter Drilling (LDD ) and German underwater hammer specialist Menck…

ROV products in action

Mar 01, 2012

Trial runPerth-based subsea engineering and remote technology firm Velocious has rolled out a new ‘mock' ROV that the company says can be configured to any industry standard workclass ROV, including the six most widely used ROVs in subsea construction…

PowerBuoy persistence pays

Mar 01, 2012

An autonomous PowerBuoy recently deployed by Ocean Power Technologies for the US Navy is reported to have delivered ‘a very strong performance', meeting all of its mission specifications.The autonomous PowerBuoy, hailed as a self-sustaining…

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