Nordic Countries Agree on Joint CCUS Initiatives

Monday, November 27, 2023

Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands have signed the Aalborg Declaration that aims at joint European cooperation on CO2 capture, use and storage (CCUS).

CO2 capture, use and storage must be scaled up, both nationally and at European level, the countries agreed at the signing which occurred at the EU's CCUS Forum this week, hosted in Aalborg, Denmark.

"Today shows that there is European will, both among us decision-makers and among the industry - and with the Aalborg declaration we are moving closer to a common European market for CO2 capture, use and storage. It is absolutely essential for the green transition, because CO2 capture, use and storage is a step on the ladder towards both our and the EU's climate goals - and without that step we will not reach the top," says Denmark’s Climate, Energy and Supply Minister Lars Aagaard.

The EU Commission had good news for two Danish CCS projects on the first day of the conference. Both project Norne and project Bifrost have been designated as Projects of Common Interest (PCI). This gives them the opportunity to apply for EU support.

"Earlier this year we saw the first CO2 storage in the Danish underground - and today two Danish projects have been named as important CCS projects for the benefit of the whole of Europe. Things are going fast in Denmark because we have gradually sharpened all the edges - and because we have an industry which wants to contribute to the development of large-scale CO2 capture, use and storage. We are working to make this a European reality as well, " said Aagaard.

EU Commission's Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson has provided insight into the upcoming strategic considerations on CCUS by publishing a mapping of the capture and storage potential throughout the EU. Included on the map are both possible locations for new infrastructure and the already ongoing expansion of infrastructure, i.e. The Fidelis project and the Bifrost project.

“While CCUS is also getting international attention ahead of COP28, I am very proud that it is actually Europe that is taking the lead with concrete projects,” said Simson at the Forum. “Two things in particular come to mind: the Final Investment Decision in the Porthos project to store CO2 in empty gas fields in the North Sea and last week's agreement to transport and store 800,000 tonnes of CO2 from an ammonia production facility in the Netherlands to the Northern Lights project in Norway.”

The declaration supports Danish shipowners’ (Danske Rederier's) ambition for Denmark to be an EU hub for both CCS and power-to-X.

"Important steps are being taken towards the dream of a new, large Danish business adventure centered around CCS and power-to-X in these months. Close cooperation with other European countries is a prerequisite for making the transport of CO2 by ship an attractive business area. If we approach it correctly, Denmark can become a pioneering country in both CCS and Power-to-X. It is very positive that the government has its eyes on the ball here," says Jacob K. Clasen, Deputy CEO. director of Danske Rederier.

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