Webtool Cutter Used in Downhole Decommissioning Tool

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Allspeeds, manufacturer of Webtool hydraulic cutters, has supplied a downhole cutter for James Fisher Decommissioning’s SEABASS subsea well abandonment tool. The smallest Webtool steel wire cutter so far at just 172mm, it is tightly integrated within the downhole tool to cut mixed material steel wire and hydraulic lines.

The SEABASS well abandonment tool is a single trip, mechanically locking system for category 2 wells. Once lowered downhole, the SEABASS perforates single or multiple casing strings. Upper and lower perforation devices create a flow path through the casing to remove contaminants back to the surface vessel for safe disposal.

The Webtool cutter is used to cut the connection to the lower perforation device which is left in the hole. The hole is then filled and sealed with an environmental cement plug.

The Webtool cutter fits sideways within the SEABASS tool’s internal bore of just 210mm (8.25”), whilst still being capable of cutting a steel wire and two hydraulic lines in a single operation. Incorporating a double acting cylinder, the 172mm (6.75”) high cutter weighs less than 6.5kg, making it the smallest subsea cutting tool ever produced by Allspeeds.

“The Webtool was an excellent solution for us, making that part of the operation both simple and reliable. It was great to work with Allspeeds on this project and their equipment helped make it a success for the maiden campaign in 2022,” said Richard Henderson, Engineering Director, James Fisher Decommissioning.

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