JFSE Launches Shallow Water Excavation Tool

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Controlled flow excavation (CFE) services expert James Fisher Subsea Excavation (JFSE) said it has developed a low draft, lightweight excavator that is primarily aimed at shallow water excavation and shore pull works, including trench maintenance during pull-in operations, post-trenching and backfilling

The SP2000 ULD, which is currently mobilizing for its first project, is also capable of pipeline and cable deburial for inspection, repair and maintenance, seabed preparation, freespan correction and rock dump dispersal, said JFSE, part of James Fisher and Son plc.

Faisel Chaudry, Middle East regional director at JFSE, said, “The SP2000 ULD is an important addition to our offering in the Middle East as we continue to support new and existing clients with a range of requirements.”

The SP2000 ULD is ultra-lightweight meaning it can be deployed from a land-based or amphibious excavator or a shallow water barge or vessel. Despite its small size, it is capable of cutting up to 300kPa, according to the manufacturer.

JFSE is responsible for the excavation of 300 kilometers of pipelines and cables in the region.

The new system adds to the James Fisher Group’s trenching and excavation offering in the Middle East which encompasses a full delivery of services from shore to deepwater, including pre and post-lay trenching, backfilling, trench maintenance, repair and maintenance dredging and decommissioning works.

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