Taiwan Ship Design, Shipbuilding Bolstered by High Tien Offshore Newbuild Plan

Image courtesy High Tien Offshore
Image courtesy High Tien Offshore

High Tien Offshore, a Taiwanese company that specializes in offshore wind marine engineering services, announced its collaboration with Ship and Ocean Industries R&D Center (SOIC) and Jong Shyn Shipbuilding (JSS) to build offshore vessels.

“In order to support government’s localization development policy and developers’ bidding for the offshore wind farms of zonal development in Round 3, High Tien Offshore plans to build Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) and Service Operation Vessel (SOV), with the mission of creating Taiwan values and establishing autonomous capability of marine vessels. The CTV’s are projected to be deployed for wind farm services in early 2025, while the SOV can be delivered in early 2027,” said Chairman TSENG Kuo-Cheng of High Tien Offshore.

For the CTV and SOV newbuilding plan, High Tien Offshore engaged SOIC. For detailed engineering and construction, Jong Shyn Shipbuilding will cooperate with SOIC and local shipbuilding supply chain to build and deliver these two types of vessels to the required timeline, quality and performance.

“Following the government’s policy, SOIC is investing its full effort in the areas of local newbuild naval vessels, coast guard vessels, research vessels, offshore wind farm vessels and smart ships system," said Chairman CHIU Fong-Chen of SOIC. "Certainly, Taiwan has had a late start in the area of offshore wind marine vessels, but we are confident that the local shipbuilding industry, including SOIC, will display our capabilities gradually but surely to become the trustful partners of wind farm developers and contractors, achieving localization of the development of offshore wind farm marine vessels.”

Currently, most of the marine vessels working at Taiwan’s wind farms are imported from overseas, only a handful are constructed by local shipyards. High Tien Offshore responds to the government’s localization development policy that encourages localization of marine shipbuilding, and cooperates with leading local companies and research institution for the improvement, design and newbuilding of the highly localized and pioneering offshore wind farm marine vessels, which will concretely exhibit Taiwan’s autonomous capability and drive local design and shipbuilding industry’s development towards the high-value marine engineering and shipbuilding, facilitating transition and upgrade of the local industry and supply chain.

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