ZTT Joins China's Offshore Wind Super Project

Laxman Pai
Sunday, March 8, 2020

China-based Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology Co (ZTT) is set to deploy its fleet of installation vessels on the Jiangsu Rudong H6 offshore wind farm in China.

The Jiangsu Rudong 800MW project, marked asone of the Super Projects with the largest capacity and investment in these projects, is the first ± 400kV flexible DC transmission offshore wind power project in China.

The DC submarine cable has a transmission distance of about 100 kilometers, which is currently the highest voltage flexible DC submarine cable with the longest transmission distance in China.

The flexible DC submarine cable is precisely the first in the world to be successfully developed by ZTT with the support of the China Three Gorges Corporation in 2019. It breaks through technical bottlenecks such as low-crosslink system soft joints and the world's highest cable operating voltage of 1235kV.

It has passed the technical appraisal by China Electricity Council and the Jiangsu Industry and Information Technology Department, reaching the international leading level.

In addition, in order to serve this "Super Project", ZTT cable ships like Zhongtian 7, Zhongtian 8, Zhongtian 9, and “Yuanwei No. 8” and “Zhongtian 5” built by Shanghai Yuanwei Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., which is under ZTT, are fully responsible for laying 220kV and 35kV submarine cables for Rudong H6 # wind farm, and for the foundation construction and hoisting of 100 sets of wind turbines.

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