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WFS develops Seatooth technology

OE Staff Friday, 04 December 2015 19:27

WFS Technologies has developed a battery management system technology which enables the battery life of subsea wireless instrumentation and control systems to be extended to up to 15 years.  Seatooth Endure technology integrates this battery management technology with wireless data connectivity to deliver sensor, monitoring and control systems which have an extended operating life, facilitating deployment in relatively inaccessible or sealed environments.

The use of WFS Technologies Seatooth products as an alternative to hard-wired systems delivers potential cost savings in production optimization, asset life extension, and inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) projects.  

“WFS battery management technology is potentially game changing for the subsea industry,” said Paul Tooms, WFS advisory board member. “It creates the possibility that sensors can be installed subsea to monitor assets for a number of years without the need for expensive ROV intervention.”

WFS Technologies, based in Livingston, Scotland, is a supplier of subsea wireless instrumentation and control solutions for the offshore oil and gas, renewables, environmental, defense and consumer industries.

Image: Seatooth pipeLogger magnetic clamp system load test/WFS Technologies

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