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Pemex in Nobilis-Maximino deepwater farmout

By  Melissa Sustaita Tuesday, 19 September 2017 09:13

Mexico's Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) is seeking a partner for its Nobilis-Maximino deepwater area in the Gulf of Mexico, following the company's strategy to take advantage of the Energy Reform.

Map of Nobilis-Maximino. From Pemex.

Nobilis-Maximino is in the Perdido Fold Belt, 40km from Trion and 26km from Great White, in 3000m water depth. It is 230km off the coast of Tamaulipas and 15km from the US maritime border.

At 1524sq km, the area has 3P reserves of 502 MMboe of light oil, with estimated production of 300,000 b/d.

Yesterday (18 September), Mexico’s National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH) published a call for bids for Nobilis-Maximino.

CNH plans to publish a list of bidders on 24 January, with the opening of proposals scheduled to be held on 31 January; the same time as Mexico’s next deepwater Round 2.4.

According to Pemex, the Nobilis-Maximino farmout is an essential part to the company’s strategy to take advantage of the Energy Reform by participating in joint venture opportunities that are expected to strengthen its operating, financial and technological capabilities. 

Pemex first revealed the Nobilis-Maximino opportunity at its first-ever farmout day event in Houston this summer.


A total of nine wells have been drilled on Nobilis-Maximino.

Maximino was drilled in 2013, marking Maximino-1 as Pemex’s deepest well to date at 9515ft water depth, in which the company dubbed the “crown jewel.” Maximino has 41°  API light oil, with 3P reserves of 187 MMboe.

Last year in September 2016, Nobilis was discovered.

The Nobilis-1 wildcat is on the eastern flank of the Maximino field, 220km off the coast of Tamaulipas at 3000m water depth. The well encountered more than 40° API, with the production capacity estimated to reach 15,000 b/d, ranging between 140-160 MMboe of 3P reserves.

Earlier this year, Pemex drilled the Nobilis-101 wildcat, testing a separate structural closure to the northeast in the Wilcox. The main reservoir of Nobilis is in the lower Eocene Wilcox. Pemex said at the time that it discovered oil in the upper Eocene and Oligocene reservoirs.

Alongside Nobilis and Maximino, there are two other discoveries, Supremus and Mirus, in which a further 627 MMboe could be had in prospective, unrisked resources in three additional exploration prospects: Chachiquin-1, Maximino-1001, and Maximino-3001, according to Pemex.

Supremus has 98 MMboe contingent resources in the Oligocene; and Mirus has 73 MMboe contingent resources, both of which could be developed as subsea tiebacks to Nobilis-Maximino.

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