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Castex sets Hummer first oil for Q3

By  OE Staff Thursday, 30 March 2017 16:20

Petsec Energy is estimating first production at its Hummer oil and gas field in late Q3 2017.

The company provided an update on the development of field, which extends over Main Pass Blocks 270, 273 and 274, in the Gulf of Mexico, offshore Louisiana, US.

A turnkey contract was awarded in January 2017 for the design, engineering, modification, and fabrication of production facilities, and installation of the platform deck onto the already installed jacket for the Hummer Main Pass Block 270 "B" production platform and for the planning, installation and hook-up of the pipelines connecting the platform to gas and oil sales pipelines. The platform desk modifications and construction are progressing satisfactorily at an onshore facility near Morgan City, Louisiana.

The initial design capacity of the facilities will be 50 MMcf/d of gas plus 1000 bo/d to accommodate increased production from additional wells drilled from the "B" platform and proposed proximal well head platforms.

A four file deck has been acquired and is currently being modified to accommodate the extent of the designed facilities and future expansion. Design of the production facilities has been completed and purchase orders for long lead time equipment have been executed. Planning and preparations for permitting the pipelines connecting the platform to nearby existing oil and gas sales lines are also underway.

As previously reported, the Hummer Project discovery well, Main Pass 270 #3 BO 1, is located 50mi southeast of Venice, Louisiana. The water depth at the location is approximately 215ft. The well was drilled, logged and temporarily suspended during mid-late 2015. A platform jacket was installed over the well, and the well was completed and tested in late 2016. The well was tested over a 48 hour period. Test rates recorded over the last three hours of the test period averaged 19.88 MMcf/d and 396 bo/d on a 0.25in choke with a flowing well head pressure of 9753psi. The rates continued to increase over the final flow period. The well has been suspended pending installation of the deck, production facilities and pipelines.

Image: Main Pass 270/273/274 Hummer Project: Cellar deck structural modifications - Main Pass Block 270 "B" production platform/Petsec Energy

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