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ExxonMobil, MagnaBond collaborate on P&A

OE Staff Wednesday, 17 January 2018 09:31

ExxonMobil's Upstream Research Company has inked a three-year joint development agreement with MagnaBond to develop evaluation technologies for well cementing, casing and tubing.

The agreement was facilitated by the UK's Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF) as part of its initiative to address challenges associated with well decommissioning activities such as plugging and abandonment (P&A).

Current evaluation technology cannot adequately characterize cement quality through multiple strings of casing, says ExxonMobil. A well’s production tubing must be pulled in order to inspect the cement, resulting in additional time and expense for decommissioning activities. ExxonMobil and MagnaBond will work toward developing technology that allows for through-tubing cement evaluation prior to the arrival of a costly rig or workover unit.

“Developing a technology that enables us to see the quality of well casing and cement with a single tool is a major step in determining overall well integrity and could result in significant cost savings,” said Jayme Meier, vice president of engineering for ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company. 

“We have a unique opportunity in this collaboration with ExxonMobil to engineer a solution that is specifically tailored to meet the upcoming challenges the industry faces in both well construction and decommissioning,” said David Stewart, managing partner and chief technology officer with MagnaBond.

In addition to the agreement with MagnaBond, ExxonMobil collaborated with nine other oil and gas companies in 2017 to form the Plugging and Abandonment Collaborative Environment, an industry network to promote investment in and early adoption of innovative P&A technology within the oil and gas industry. The organization is managed by OTM Consulting.

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