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How to de-risk your next offshore installation project with simulation and visualization

CM Labs

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45-minute webinar

Obstructions block ROV tooling…
Critical gauges are hidden from ROV camera view…
The tether fouls or snags on subsea equipment…

Offshore installation budgets are stretched thin these days—and unforeseen issues such as these can quickly affect project success. The fact is, offshore installation planning is increasingly complex, and staging complete system testing before deployment is often impossible.

Discover how leading subsea service providers have used immersive modeling and simulation technologies to control the costs and reduce the risks of offshore installation and operations in this free 45-minute webinar.

What you’ll learn:

This webinar will provide you with insight into how modern simulation and visualization solutions can replicate precise worksite conditions and equipment operations, to prevent costly delays and incidents.

Join Brian Moore, Product Manager for Offshore Solutions at CM Labs Simulations, as he reviews the experience of innovative companies such as FMC Technologies, Technip, EMAS, and Allseas in deploying simulation and virtual testing tools. You’ll learn how simulating offshore construction and subsea intervention has helped engineers and project managers improve deployments and identify issues before they become serious operational problems—from lifting, pipelay, and anchor handling to ROV operations.

CM Labs

Brian Moore
Product Manager
CM Labs Simulations

Brian is CM Labs Simulations’ Product Manager for offshore engineering and simulation solutions. His work on advanced modeling and real-time simulation projects has ranged from validation of the Dextre space robotic arm at the Canadian Space Agency, to hardware-in-the-loop simulation for electronic control unit validation at Audi and BMW, to transferring grasping skills from humans to humanoid robots at ATR in Japan.

At CM Labs, Brian’s team has successfully deployed Vortex technology and solutions to perform ROV accessibility studies and mission planning, as well as for the development of ROV operator training simulators.
Brian holds a PhD from Johannes Kepler University.

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CM Labs

For over 15 years, CM Labs has provided simulation solutions and services to organizations around the world. Through Vortex, CM Labs provides capabilities for virtual prototyping, operations rehearsal, and training simulators. Vortex customers include FMC Technologies, Allseas Group, Subsea7, Schilling Robotics, Forum Energy, Marin Institute, and over 100 other leading organizations.

CM Labs Simulations is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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