Hydraulic oil shows Arctic promise

OE Staff
Friday, October 12, 2012

Recent tests on Mobil Industrial Lubricants’ Arctic performance hydraulic oil have reportedly shown that it can help reduce hydraulic system energy consumption by up to 6.2%, when compared with standard mineral hydraulic oils. Given pride of place in ExxonMobil’s ONS display in Stavanger this summer, the Mobil SHC 500 series has been engineered to help protect hydraulic equipment operating on offshore and onshore oil & gas rigs and platforms located in extremely cold climates such as the Arctic, Russia and the Nordic countries.

At –40°C, SHC 500 is said to be four times thinner than similar viscosity index conventional mineral hydraulic oils, allowing it to circulate around the hydraulic system faster at start up, ensuring the lubricant is in place to protect machine components. For hydraulic equipment operating in even colder conditions, specialised products such as Mobil Univis HVI or Mobil Aero HF-A have been developed.

The hydraulic oil is part of the high performance Mobil SHC brand of synthetic lubricants, formulated to help oil & gas companies operating in extreme environments to reduce unscheduled downtime and maximise productivity. The range includes gear, bearing, compressor, turbine and gas engine oils, which alongside their cold temperature performance and energy efficiency potential, are claimed capable of extending the service life of machine components by lasting between three-to-six times longer than mineral oil based products.

‘Safety is the number one concern for oil & gas companies and by reducing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, you eliminate the associated safety risks that engineers face when undertaking the work,’ said Akram Reda, EAME industrial lubricants marketing advisor for ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum Specialties. ‘Alongside the safety benefits, significant productivity and sustainability improvements can also be realised by extending equipment life and oil drain intervals.’

In addition to SHC 500, other Mobil high performance lubricants developed for the oil & gas industry include the SHC 600, Pegasus, Gear and Polyrex series. The company also offers a proprietary online oil analysis service, Signum, which enables operators to monitor proactively the condition of lubricants and address conditions that could potentially lead to unscheduled downtime.

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