FoundOcean gets Gemini grouting work

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Van Oord awarded FoundOcean the contract to grout the 150 monopile foundations for the 600mW Gemini Offshore Wind Farm. The project will be the first to use MasterFlow 9800, a new material jointly developed by FoundOcean and BASF.

Image from FoundOcean.

MasterFlow 9800 combines high strength, low shrinkage properties with the ability to be stored and transported in bulk silos, according to FoundOcean. Grouting for the Gemini Offshore Wind Farm will take place in June 2015.

MasterFlow 9800’s ability to be stored in silos rather than bags facilitates quayside storage in all weathers and eliminates the requirement for bag or container lifting during grouting operations and resupply. Moreover, using FoundOcean’s modified Recirculating Jet Mixer, the new MasterFlow 9800 grout system can achieve consistent grout quality whilst maintaining mixing and pumping rates exceeding 20m3/hr, saving valuable offshore operating days.

The launch of MasterFlow 9800 in February 2015 was the result of three years of joint development between FoundOcean and BASF.

“FoundOcean and BASF recognised the demand within the offshore wind industry for a material that could provide high early strength development and low temperature performance, yet also offer increased efficiency, safety and cleanliness,” says Jim Bell, FoundOcean managing director.

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