Proserv develops Subsea Sampling Cylinder

OE Staff
Thursday, March 2, 2017

Global energy services company Proserv has launched a new subsea sampling cylinder that can improve the quality of results and reduce risks normally associated with sample transfer.

Based on existing technology, the Proserv Subsea Sampling Cylinder (SSC) is a fully qualified and certified ‘for shipping’ sample cylinder that can be deployed in a subsea environment. The system can accurately capture well properties throughout the lifetime of a field.

Subsea cylinders allow operators to take representative production samples from a subsea system for direct transfer to a laboratory. Proserv’s SSC removes the risks associated with handling and transferring samples on the surface, reducing the risk of containment loss and exposure to H2S / CO2 which can present a danger to people and the environment.

“With operators facing increased challenges in maximizing production from geologically complex, high pressure and temperature and often remote and inhospitable fields, being able to generate accurate and reliable information from wells is critical in establishing its status and prospects," said Andrew Anderson, senior vice president for production equipment services, Proserv. “Our teams have developed a system to eliminate many of the issues that traditionally affect subsea samples. With the increasing demand for flow assurance and reservoir analysis, Proserv fully intends to set the pace as the leading global player in the subsea sampling field.”

The Proserv SSC is suitable for severe service applications and has a large two-liter sample volume. Cylinders are available for sale or rental for use with existing systems. They can also be integrated with the firm’s bespoke subsea sampling systems.

Image: Subsea Sampling Cylinder/Proserv

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