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Statoil to sidetrack Verbier

Written by  OE Staff Monday, 18 September 2017 03:11

Operator Statoil has decided to side-track the Verbier exploration well in the Moray Firth of the UK North Sea, despite reaching a water bearing reservoir in the original target.

Wireline log data suggested indications of the potential for hydrocarbons to be present in a smaller accumulation up dip of the 20/05b-13 Verbier exploration well in blocks 20/05b and 21/1d in license 2170, says partner Jersey Oil & Gas. 

Verbier had a pre-drill mean prospective resource estimate of 162 MMboe. The well was drilled using the Transocean Spitsbergen semisubmersible and reached target total depth of 4267m. The well encountered water bearing Upper Jurassic sands, which were deeper than anticipated.

Jersey CEO Andrew Benitz said: "The joint venture partnership has now identified the potential for late Jurassic sands, similar to the water bearing sands encountered in the 20/05b-13 well, to be present within the hydrocarbon window up dip of the original well, offering the possibility of a potentially lesser, but still commercially attractive, hydrocarbon accumulation."

Drilling of the 20/05b-13Z sidetrack exploration well is expected to take 25-35 days. 

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