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LCE: Critical Asset Performance Standards (CAPS) Development for Offshore Reliability

By applying Critical Asset Performance Standards (CAPS), oil and gas operators can incorporate global best practices leveraging extensive environmental, safety, and risk management experience from offshore and land-based platforms into their unique operating plans and procedures throughout the life cycle of their facilities. Implementation of CAPS promotes quantifiable operational and personnel safety while conducting drilling operations in deepwater environments.

This paper offers an overview of the process involved in developing CAPS for integration into a Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) as part of an overall Risk-based Asset ManagementSM strategy that provides regulatory compliance and system reliability.

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In order to address your critical asset concerns appropriately, please provide the total number and type of offshore oil rigs (semi-submersible, jack-up, drill ship, fixed production, etc.) that require development of Critical Asset Performance Standards (CAPS) in your organization and estimate the maintenance task development budget for each type of platform.