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Landmark acquires Neftex

Written by  OE Staff Thursday, 31 July 2014 11:35

Halliburton’s Landmark Software and Services acquired Neftex Petroleum Consultants Ltd.

Neftex is a UK-based company specializing in sequence stratigraphy-based products and consulting for subsurface risk reduction.

Neftex’s consistent 4D “digital model” of the subsurface allows geoscientists to use a single global platform to search, discover, analyze and integrate geoscience data and interpretations essential to understanding and managing subsurface risk. 

The Neftex Earth Model Base Module provides tectonic and stratigraphic data and framework interpretations needed to underpin regional exploration. Operators are able to identify potential exploration prospects based not just in the basin of interest, but also within the context of a global framework reference.

“We believe the next step change will be achieved by integrating high-quality and trusted expert data interpretations with the exploration science embedded in application software,” said Nagaraj Srinivasan, Landmark vice president. “The integration of the Landmark and Neftex technology suites will result in a digital subsurface representation that is uniquely tied to one stratigraphic model and delivered instantly for any region in the world.”

The Neftex Earth Model integrates millions of data points to deliver a global overview of the geological history and resource development of the earth.

By integrating data and interpretations from the Neftex Earth Model with the DecisionSpace application platform, Landmark expects customers to be able to explore more prospects faster, and obtain subsurface insight to better predict the probability of drilling success. 

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