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Newpark Drilling Fluids expands Port Fourchon

Written by  OE Staff Friday, 12 June 2015 16:36

Newpark Drilling Fluids is extending its offshore reach with enhanced, customized fluids technology, expanded facilities infrastructure and a team of professionals dedicated exclusively to deepwater products and services.

Newpark Drilling Fluids is expanding its Port Fourchon facility, offering a significant increase in both synthetic and water-based drilling fluid mixing and storage capacities, as well as a dedicated barite storage area that will be stocked and maintained by Excalibar Minerals, a subsidiary of Newpark. The facility is adopting lean six sigma principles throughout, including a unique system that hauls bulk sack material without the need for manual handling. The transport system promotes safety and streamlined, efficient operations.

Newpark Drilling Fluids develops the Kronos drilling fluids system designed to accommodate the specific requirements for non-aqueous fluids used in deepwater. With slight formulation modifications, Kronos systems can be adapted to almost any deepwater drilling application. The proprietary, synthetic-based invert emulsion is the result of more than a decade of deepwater and ultra deepwater research and experience.

Image: Newpark engineer / Newpark

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