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Clariant releases SCALETREAT FeS

Written by  OE Staff Tuesday, 19 May 2015 11:38

Clariant Oil Services introduces SCALETREAT FeS, a low-dose, continuous injection iron sulfide scale inhibitor. Standard practices allow scale to form and relies on a chelating option or dissolver for removal, however, performance SCALETREAT FeS prevents scale formation in the first place, and the resultant damage, at lower dosages than existing chemistries, such as THPS (tetrakis hydroxymethyl phosphonium sulfate) and Acrolein.

SCALETREAT FeS also targets and inhibits sulfide scales of zinc and lead. Field-proven, SCALETREAT FeS also slowly dissolves existing iron sulfide deposits at threshold concentrations levels. Furthermore, the scale inhibitor is effective over a broad range of temperature, pressure and salinity conditions.

“Iron sulfide scale formations cause well failures and, therefore, result in lost production and costly repairs,” says Jonathan Wylde, global head of innovation for Clariant Oil Services. “SCALETREAT FeS chemistry controls iron sulfide and other sulfide scales.”

Image from Clariant

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