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QTEC, PFM merger forms FOCUS

Written by  OE Staff Tuesday, 26 January 2016 12:33

Aberdeen headquartered QTEC Energy Services and Calgary headquartered Performance Fluid Management (PFM), both companies specializing in the management of drilling fluids on drilling installations, are merging to create a new company, FOCUS. 

FOCUS, headquartered in Aberdeen, provides compliance, audit, environmental planning and permitting, and drilling fluid performance management services to oil and gas operators and drilling contractors globally. The key aims of the firm’s services are to eliminate or reduce surface spills from drilling operations, optimize the performance of solids control equipment to reduce costs, and ensure environmental and governmental compliance. 

These regional business units will operate from the firms’ existing premises in Houston, Aberdeen and Perth respectively, while offices in Calgary will also be retained.  All existing personnel will remain with FOCUS, which will have a combined workforce of 60.  

Merging the companies to create FOCUS came about after clear synergies between the two were identified.  Both companies specialize in optimizing the performance of drilling fluid systems on drilling rigs in order to eliminate surface spills and reduce operators’ costs.  In addition, QTEC provides regulatory compliance, and environmental planning and permitting advisory services.

Established in 2004, PFM has primarily focused on land drilling projects, undertaking work in North and South America, Russia and China.  While QTEC, established 1992, has concentrated on offshore projects.

“Both companies were trusted and respected within the oil and gas industry and bringing them together has been discussed for a number of years,” said Colin Manderson, chairman of QTEC. “PFM has focused more on onshore projects, while QTEC has specialized on projects offshore.  The capabilities and knowledge of both companies will deliver true benefits to our clients.”

“The greatest proportion of our existing business will be based in Houston, where both firms had a strong presence,” said Peter Matthews, president of PFM.  “Our aim is to grow internationally – reflected in how FOCUS is structured – and also develop our services, particularly from an environmental and compliance perspective, in order to provide support through the whole life-cycle of a well.”

Manderson, will hold the same role in FOCUS, while Matthews will become managing director.

Image: (L to R) Dick Wickenheiser chairman Colin Manderson managing director Peter Matthews and Robbie Gordon/ Innes Associates

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