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OE Products: 2017 / February

OE Products: 2017 / February (5)

Monday, 27 February 2017 12:45

Trelleborg debuts FireNut app

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Trelleborg has launched a new mobile app for FireNut solution.

Image of a flange with FireNut, from Trelleborg.

To make it even easier to specify FireNut, Trelleborg’s offshore operation is launching an app to calculate the correct FireNut a customer needs to suit their flange.

FireNut is a light weight, easy to install alternative to the fire-insulated metal boxes used for the protection of bolted connections or flanges on offshore installations. A rubber-based fire protection system, it specifically protects just the nuts of a bolted connection or flange. In stark contrast to the traditional bulky metal boxes, this lightweight solution is customizable to accommodate almost any bolt size, is easy to install and extends the service life in the event of a fire, being resistant to both jet fire and pool fire.

Patrick Waal, Sales Manager at Trelleborg’s offshore operation, says: “FireNut may seem like a simple product, but it can be critical in terms of fire protection. The app will give our customers a quick guide to choosing the best FireNut for their flange type. By installing effective and reliable passive fire protection systems like FireNut, our customers can significantly improve onboard safety.”

FireNut is just one of a complete range of passive fire protection solutions from Trelleborg’s offshore operation. These include: Elastopipe, a flexible piping system; Elastoshield, a protective cover for electric cables and hoses; and Vikodeck, a surface protection material.

This FireNut app is currently available for download for iPhone and iPad, and is planned for release on Android and as a web-tool.

Friday, 24 February 2017 12:42

Webtool develops Cable Retrieval Tool

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Hydraulic systems specialist, Webtool, has developed a gripping and lifting tool for recovering subsea umbilical and cable for offshore oil and gas and decommissioning projects. The Cable Retrieval Tool (CRT200), developed in consultation with international certification body and classification society, DNV GL, allows the safe and controlled recovery of damaged cable and umbilical, up to 8in (203 mm) diameter. 

Current methods of recovering umbilicals for repair or replacement are laborious, time consuming and expensive. They involve trenching the seabed around the cable or umbilical to allow a double choke sling to be attached using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). 

The hydraulically operated CRT200 cable gripper provides cable recovery whereby the gripper, guided by an ROV, is lowered onto the end of the cable without requiring preliminary clearing of the soil around the cable. The mechanically locked gripping action is designed to prevent the umbilical from escaping during retrieval; moreover, an internal clutch mechanism prevents damage from overtightening. By gripping the end of the cable, it makes subsequent handling much easier, enabling the cable to be recovered to a reeler or spooler on the surface vessel.

Fabricated from corrosion resistant materials, the cable gripper weighs approximately 500 kg, has a lifting capacity of 20-tonne and is available with hydraulic hotstab or torque bucket interface options.

“Working in consultation with DNV GL, we’ve designed the CRT200 gripper to provide offshore contractors with a highly effective way of recovering umbilical and cable from any water depth,” says Keith Elliot, engineering director at Allspeeds Ltd., the designer and manufacturer of Webtool.

Image: Cable Gripper/Webtool

Wednesday, 15 February 2017 03:26

Wood Group updates ENVision

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Wood Group has developed a new version of its ENVision software. The real-time environmental information management software system for process and industrial plants provides emissions monitoring, troubleshooting, data gathering, interpretation and complete reporting to regulatory agencies.

The updated release now allows customers to access instant compliance information, pulled from a portfolio of downstream facilities, in one central location.

Already successfully installed across 60 sites globally, this release marks the first phase of an advanced applications software portfolio for Wood Group. 

Bob MacDonald, CEO Wood Group's Specialist Technical Solutions said: "Our firm focus as a company is delivering technical solutions that solve the challenges our clients face. Our ENVision software simplifies and streamlines the management of environmental data by providing a continuous flow of real-time information and recognizing potential problems for customers before they become an issue. 

"The power of ENVision's existing technology can now be used across a portfolio of assets, adding value for our customers and ensuring they are compliant with external regulatory bodies."

Tuesday, 07 February 2017 12:46

Halliburton expands Dash system capabilities

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Halliburton (HAL) released the Dash Large Bore Subsea Safety System, which provides full electrohydraulic control of well safety and intervention functions. The fully customizable system brings new benefits to deepwater operators for completion and intervention work that improve critical well control of the subsea safety system, tubing hanger and deepwater subsea field developments.

HAL designed the system to isolate the lower landing string in six seconds or less, disconnect from the lower landing string in ten seconds or less and provide downhole data for greater confidence in decision-making.

The two larger bore sizes, 6.375in and 7.375in, in addition to the existing Dash 3in system, broadens the use of HAL electrohydraulic subsea safety systems. Operators will now have the ability to deploy this technology across the full breath of their ultra-deepwater offshore operations to help minimize operational risk.

"The Dash large bore system adds to our capabilities by providing a technology that we believe is more effective and efficient," said Grant Roscoe, vice president of testing and subsea, HAL. 

Noble Energy used the Dash large bore system during recent plug and abandonment operations in the Gulf of Mexico. Dash served as the primary well control barrier and blowout preventer. According to HAL, this dual functionality eliminated the need for alternative measures during the operation, which reduced rig time by several days.

Image: Dash Large Bore Subsea Safety System/Halliburton

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Tuesday, 07 February 2017 11:02

Archer releases SPARTAN plug family

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Archer Oiltools, a provider of solutions for well integrity and well performance, has released the SPARTAN plug family, designed to help operators deliver safer wells, boost operational efficiency and reduce costs.  

Driven by customer demand and industry challenges, the SPARTAN plug family has been developed for well integrity during operations, well suspension and plug and abandonment (P&A) for all wells.  

The SPARTAN plug delivers protection for short-, medium- or long-term suspensions, and rapid deployment and retrieval, which can lead to safer wells and reduced operational time and costs. In addition to the SPARTAN everyday plug, Archer Oiltools’ plugs portfolio includes three additional plug systems – VAULT, HUNTER and SPEARHEAD.  

The VAULT dual plug system enables two Archer plugs to be installed in one run, streamlining plug operations. The SPEARHEAD plug system is designed to withstand increased hangoff loads or pull forces, which improves the efficiency of P&A operations. The HUNTER tandem plug system allows a barrier plug to be run in combination with other downhole tools, due to its versatile design, which sets new standards in operational efficiency, saving the number of trips and rig time. 

The SPARTAN plug family is an addition to the existing LOCK plug family of gas tight well suspension plugs. These product lines, designed to reduce rig handling, form the base of Archer Oiltools’ plug portfolio, which is field proven worldwide with more than 2500 runs.

Image: SPARTAN plug/Archer

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