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JDR awarded Abo umbilical contract

Written by  OE Staff Tuesday, 25 November 2014 10:27

Service company Royal Niger Emerging Technologies has awarded JDR a fast-track contract supporting the West African Abo project for the manufacture of a 1.55km hybrid steel tube and thermoplastic umbilical.

The umbilical, designed to include a combination of hydraulic control and chemical hoses, low-voltage signal cables and a central bundle of steel tube chemical supply lines, is set to be delivered to the Abo field within Q1 2015. It will connect an existing subsea distribution unit to a new well through the use of two umbilical termination units.

JDR will manufacture and load-out the umbilical on a 9.2m installation reel from its deepwater, quayside facility in Hartlepool, UK.

The project also provides for the training of Nigerian nationals in the integration, testing, installation and commissioning of the umbilical. This training will take also place at JDR’s Hartlepool facilities and will see candidates gain experience in activities related to the final stages of the project before load-out and beyond.

“We see this contract as the first step in a bold move to domicile umbilical technology and services in Nigeria through the effective collaboration with JDR to deliver the umbilical product and technology transfer to the Nigerian market,” Royal Niger Emerging Technologies said.

Abo is Nigeria’s first deepwater oil field located in the southeastern part of oil mining lease 125, about 55km off the coast in water depths up to 780m.

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