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Semco, Skipavika sign service preparedness agreement

Written by  OE Staff Wednesday, 15 March 2017 11:17

Semco Maritime and Skipavika enter into strategic agreement on service preparedness for all rigs at the port facility Skipavika Terminal near Bergen. The agreement also comprises an intention to develop the submarine base Olavsvern near Tromsø as a rig service center.

The cooperation consists in Skipavika providing facilities and Semco Maritime establishing its “Shipyard-in-the-Box” solution at Skipavika Terminal’s area to have all necessary equipment, workshops and facilities present when a rig has to be serviced or reactivated.

“Despite continued difficult market conditions for offshore oil and gas activities, we see signs of a pickup during 2017,” said Lars Skov, CEO, Semco Maritime, Norway. “With our ‘Shipyard-in-the-Box’ concept we are able to mobilize our team of rig specialists for preparation within 24 hours. That agility is decisive for rig operators that have to swiftly deliver an operational rig or a drilling vessel.”

“To Skipavika Terminals, which currently has 6 rigs docked in cold and warm ‘stacking’, the agreement with a renowned rig service provider such as Semco Maritime makes it possible to offer instant assistance for vacant rigs that have to be prepared for new assignments,” said Lars Hellandsjø, managing director, Skipavika Terminal. “In particular, the Bergen area currently experiences increased interest for reactivation of rigs. In addition to increased operational options for the rigs that are here today, the agreement also makes Skipavika Terminal attractive for operators looking for assistance for a rig, which has to be quickly prepared for new assignments.”

The agreement also includes joint plans to develop the former submarine base Olavsvern by Tromsø as a north Norwegian center for large arctic semisubmersible rigs, demanding a water depth of 20m to dock for service.

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