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DNV GL: Modelling of the progression of an offshore hydrocarbon release accident

DNV GL Whitepaper

Quantitative Risk Analysis remains one of the main tools available to understand the different consequences that might follow activities on offshore installations. At the heart of the analysis there will be a risk 'engine' which will take a multitude of inputs from other parts of the analysis and use them to construct a 'story' of how the accident develops in order to calculate a contribution to the risk.

Much of the methodology presented has been utilized in a new software tool, Safeti Offshore, which is able to depict the timeline of the development of the accident in a threedimensional graphical form.

Topics in this white paper include:

  • The calculation of risks associated with hydrocarbon loss of containment incidents
  • A consideration of the range of parameters which may have to be varied in order to carry out an analysis
  • Issues which the QRA model is likely to have to address by looking at the time history of a particular event

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