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BATS delivers microwave systems

Written by  OE Staff Wednesday, 15 July 2015 13:10

BATS Wireless announced the successful test and delivery of 10 of its stabilized microwave systems, including eight DVM ExP2 ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 systems for the Martin Linge Project – located off the coast of Norway. The systems, when installed, are designed to allow Martin Linge operators to provide high-speed, low-latency data and communications between their main vessels, even through constant moving sea states.

Configured for last line Emergency Shut Down (ESD) communications, the systems for the Martin Linge Project have been tested to allow extended communications of up to 11 hours.

The DVM ExP2 is designed as a purge/pressurization enclosed system for use in a ATEx/IECEx Zone 1 hazardous area environment. Aside from the DVM’s normal RF/communications function, the system features a fiberglass/composite-reinforced dome design and a 316L stainless steel automatic all-digital Ex p purge/pressurization system (P2); that operates by monitoring and controlling the atmosphere within the protected domed enclosure. The system includes a pressure relief vent with flow and pressure monitoring at the exhaust, ExPDU with additional alarm monitoring port, and provisions for both single and dual ODU applications.

The Martin Linge project, which began in 2012, involves the construction of an integrated wellhead, production, and accommodation platform for the oil and gas field located 115m below the North Sea. Gas produced from this oil field will be exported to the UK using the FUKA gas pipeline.

The project, which is operated by Total, is expected to start oil and gas production in 2016 with an estimated capacity of 80,000 boe/d. It is made up of Total (51%), Petoro (30%), and Statoil (19%).

Image: DVM ExP2 -- enclosed tracking system for external environments/BATS Wireless

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