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Frigstad issues tender for new semi

Written by  OE Staff Wednesday, 29 November 2017 16:20

Frigstad Offshore reported Tuesday (28 November) that it had initiated a tender process with shipyards in Asia to price a new generation harsh environment semisubmersible drilling rig. The Frigstad D90TM AWD design has been developed over the last two years by affiliate Frigstad Engineering to take advantage of latest technology developments, meeting end client and environmental requirements of the future.

The Frigstad D90TM AWD is designed as a highly versatile and efficient tool for “all water drilling”, both in harsh and benign environments and in water depths ranging from 350 to 14,000ft, the company said in a press statement.

 “We have seen an increased demand among oil companies for larger and more efficient drilling units,” said Harald Frigstad, chairman and owner of Frigstad Group. “The recent downturn has pushed the industry to make great advances within technology development. We have worked closely with major vendors and end users to incorporate this new technology into the Frigstad D90 AWDTM design which will provide our clients with unmatched capabilities and reduced well costs.”

Frigstad Offshore will initially price the rig fully equipped with a full dual activity hydraulic drilling package with 2 x 1,500 short tons hoisting capacity, riser for 14,000ft of water depth, managed pressure drilling facilities and ready for 20K BOP [blowout preventer] system. The final equipment selection will be subject to commercial evaluations and client requirements.

The Frigstad D90TM AWD is the third generation of the proven Frigstad D90TM design which has been used to construct three drilling units since 2006. Scarabeo 9, the first generation of the Frigstad D90TMdesign, was delivered to Saipem in 2011 and has operated since then in Cuba, West Africa and Black Sea.

The Frigstad Group ordered another two larger versions of the Frigstad D90TM (second generation) jointly with Chinese investors in 2012. Frigstad Group exited from this investment in late 2016 and the first unit, Bluewhale 1, has recently completed its first drilling campaign successfully in the South China Sea.

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