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OE17: £12 million invested, says OGTC

Written by  OE Staff Thursday, 07 September 2017 04:46

In just seven months since launching, The Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) has inked £12 million in investment in 21 projects, gained 40 members and is now set to open its Innovation hub, aimed at new breakthrough solutions, the centre revealed during SPE Offshore Europe on Tuesday. 

The next goal is a technology accelerator, TechX, which aims to invest in 100 companies within the next decade. But, OGTC chief executive Colette Cohen says: “There’s a long way to go to prove ourselves and get momentum. Success will be a broad spectrum of high impact projects, on a regular basis, and to be part of a low carbon future,” she says. 

Projects to date build on technologies that have needed access to trials, such as Interwell’s (5B101) thermite P&A technology. Through the OGTC, the firm now is working with nine operators to do three on- and offshore field-trials of the firm’s, rigless, wire-line run thermite plug, over the next 12 months. The technology, which generates up to 3000°C downhole to melt through all well elements to create a barrier, could save more than £100 million/yr, says the OGTC. 

With Infinity Oilfield Services, the OGTC is developing a Kevlar-based safety solution to contain corroded valve equipment, to eliminate the risk on uncontrolled leaks, potentially saving UK North Sea operators up to £320 million. With Raptor Oil, there’s a project to speed up and increase the transmission of downhole drilling data to the surface, using acoustic telemetry technology. Other projects include work with Air Control Energy on how drones could be used with RFID tags and NDT testing, with Deepwater Oil Tools on their ArticuLock system to reduce stress on subsea equipment while drilling and increase weather windows. 

The organization has also seen more than 100 technology ideas generated through “Call for Ideas” competitions on well construction, small pools and asset integrity. All the submissions are currently being assessed with up to £1 million available for the best in each competition. 

Meanwhile, the OGTC’s Innovation Hub, complete with the latest presentation and collaboration technologies, is almost complete. It aims to bring innovators together to inspire “breakthrough solutions,” thinking and ideas from other industrial sectors.

Cohen says that, through the OGTC, operators can have a safe space to test technology that’s ready or in an early phase of commercialization, because the organization is able to create the contracts, and terms and conditions and a framework for projects that allow multiple companies to work together. But that the new hub will create a space where more early stage technologies can be looked at, industry challenges “un-picked”, and opportunities assessed.  

The body now has 40 members, with Maersk Oil, Lloyds Register (2C121), Oceaneering International and EC-OG (2C39), joining most recently. Part of the Aberdeen City Deal, the not-for-profit OGTC has a pot of £180 million from the UK and Scottish Governments to spend, which is expected to be match-funded. 

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