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AFGlobal acquires Advanced Measurement

Written by  OE Staff Thursday, 06 July 2017 08:19

AFGlobal has acquired Advanced Measurement (AMI), a provider of automation, controls and data management systems.

AFGlobal says this acquisition enhances the company’s current upstream drilling, completion and production smart technology, providing better answers and efficiencies for its clients. 

“AMI’s offerings will help broaden our reach as an OEM,” says Curtis Samford, president and CEO of AFGlobal. “This strategic technology addition will serve as an important vehicle for us to further develop more advanced control and data management offerings, enhancing our ability to help clients achieve stronger production gains and make better real-time decisions.”

“AFGlobal is an ideal fit for AMI, and the opportunities afforded by the match up are tremendous. We will be well positioned to expand beyond our current stronghold in pressure pumping controls into new markets, such as managed pressure drilling and compression,” says Jeff Aitchison, president of AMI. “We will also be able to leverage our core competency in technology development to strengthen AFGlobal’s overall market offering, while growing our controls and data management capabilities."

Currently based in Calgary, Alberta, AMI provides products and services to a broad customer base ranging from contractors and operators to service companies. Their controls and data management portfolio most notably support the pressure pumping segment, with plans to extend into additional upstream markets. Prior to the acquisition, AMI was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Key Energy Services, Inc. 

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