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Interocean, FMS form alliance

Written by  OE Staff Tuesday, 18 April 2017 11:23

First Marine Solutions (FMS) has signed an official alliance with Interocean Marine Services (a Rigmar Group company) combining their equipment and technical capabilities to offer enhanced integrated mooring solutions. 

Both companies, which are headquartered in Aberdeen, have worked jointly on a number of projects in the oil and gas and renewables markets for a number of years and will now work together to offer a complete package as FMS Interocean. 

The alliance will provide total marine project solutions including joint provision of marine, engineering, moorings and survey services to global industries allowing them to compete more effectively and deliver an improved service to their clients. 

As part of the deal FMS has bought US$6.3 million (£5 million) worth of mooring equipment from Interocean, increasing their inventory value to $51 million (£40 million). 

The FMS Interocean alliance has already secured its first $1.2 million (£1 million) contract on an 18-month North Sea project and has plans to introduce additional marine services, including mooring integrity services and marine assurance services, in the forthcoming months to increase their market penetration, as well as focusing further on the renewables industry.

“The alliance with FMS was a logical step to take as we recognize what our clients want and need to support future requirements in this ever changing and competitive market,” said Keith Nelson, CEO, Interocean. “Merging our expertise with the advanced mooring equipment, means we can offer enhanced integrated mooring solutions at a competitive price, providing a higher quality of service, technical knowledge and kit that will be a more efficient and cost effective solution all round.” 

Established in 2010, FMS has a large operational quayside and warehouse facility in Montrose and, in addition, holds stock in Norway, Canada, Holland and Trinidad. The company has a team of 25 staff and contractors across its Aberdeen and Montrose bases. 

Interocean, established in 2007, is a specialist marine services company which has completed more than 750 offshore marine operational projects worldwide in the last five years. The company also has operations in St Johns, Newfoundland, as part of a registered Canadian company, Interocean Canada Inc. Interocean has a team of 40 staff and contractors, including mariners, naval architects and engineers.

Image: (L-R) Mike Thoms, operations manager, First Marine Solutions, Keith Nelson, CEO, Interocean, Ian Suttie, owner and chairman, First Marine Solutions, and Duncan Cuthill, general manager, Interocean

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