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T H Hill unveils BITS

Written by  OE Staff Friday, 17 March 2017 09:51

T H Hill Associates has introduced a new drilling standard in the DS-1 group: the Bit Inspection Technical Standard (BITS), which provides inspection procedures and acceptance criteria for fixed-cutter bits, including PDC, diamond, coring, drilling-with-casing, and bi-center bits.

DS-1 BITS benefits anyone who is affected by the inspection and use of bits for drilling applications, says T H Hill. For bit manufacturers, products will now undergo reliable inspection each time, increasing the quality of end products and ensuring consistency in the procedures used by each inspector. For bit users, a quality inspection process provides confidence that each bit has undergone the same rigorous inspection program.  Bit inspectors now have a one-stop source for the entire bit inspection process that simplifies training of new employees and providing consistent service.

“The continued development and expansion of the DS-1 standard give T H Hill and Bureau Veritas the most comprehensive and technically sound standard in the drilling industry,” says Bruno Ferreyra, executive VP, Industry and Facilities North America, Bureau Veritas. 

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