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Trelleborg debuts FireNut app

Written by  OE Staff Monday, 27 February 2017 12:45

Trelleborg has launched a new mobile app for FireNut solution.

Image of a flange with FireNut, from Trelleborg.

To make it even easier to specify FireNut, Trelleborg’s offshore operation is launching an app to calculate the correct FireNut a customer needs to suit their flange.

FireNut is a light weight, easy to install alternative to the fire-insulated metal boxes used for the protection of bolted connections or flanges on offshore installations. A rubber-based fire protection system, it specifically protects just the nuts of a bolted connection or flange. In stark contrast to the traditional bulky metal boxes, this lightweight solution is customizable to accommodate almost any bolt size, is easy to install and extends the service life in the event of a fire, being resistant to both jet fire and pool fire.

Patrick Waal, Sales Manager at Trelleborg’s offshore operation, says: “FireNut may seem like a simple product, but it can be critical in terms of fire protection. The app will give our customers a quick guide to choosing the best FireNut for their flange type. By installing effective and reliable passive fire protection systems like FireNut, our customers can significantly improve onboard safety.”

FireNut is just one of a complete range of passive fire protection solutions from Trelleborg’s offshore operation. These include: Elastopipe, a flexible piping system; Elastoshield, a protective cover for electric cables and hoses; and Vikodeck, a surface protection material.

This FireNut app is currently available for download for iPhone and iPad, and is planned for release on Android and as a web-tool.

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