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OTC16: Gusto launches SmartCrane

Written by  OE Staff Tuesday, 03 May 2016 03:54

Dutch designer GustoMSC has launched its GustoMSC SmartCrane at this year's OTC in Houston.

Gusto says the crane offers features to directly address the call for cost reduction from operators, while enabling increased efficiency and simultaneous operations (SIMOPS).

The SmartCrane has also been designed so it can be retrofitted to existing cantilever jackup rigs, instantly increasing efficiency, or fitted onto a new-build design. 

Gusto says two elements were high on the agenda when developing the new crane: facilitating SIMOPS independently of any operation in progress on the drill floor and easing material handling underneath the cantilever or between the work platform and drill rig.

"Enabling a wire line operation away from the drill floor is a huge advantage in development drilling and plug and abandonment operations. The SmartCrane enables wire line through its moveable arm with the hoisting point underneath the cantilever," says Gusto.

"In this way, wire line operations can take place on one well while development drilling or plug and abandonment operations are going on at another well. 

"The savings in rig days for a plug and abandonment operation can amount to around 10% compared to the conventional way, in which all activities such as logging and cementing must be performed in a sequence on one well from the drill floor. The SmartCrane enables several activities to take place at the same time on one well, or to do preparatory work on one well while the drill floor is working on another well." 

In addition, the SmartCrane provides a 20-tonne hoisting capacity underneath the cantilever at any position outside the drilling riser, and also has the possibility to reach to the main deck of the rig.

This means it can transfer containers and other pieces of equipment (<20-tonne) from the main deck of the rig to underneath the cantilever and vice versa. This enhances safety and efficiency, as crane access to the well head from the drilling rig is difficult due to the area being blocked by the cantilever. 

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