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Seatronics, Meridian complete Mexico pipeline gig

Written by  OE Staff Thursday, 03 December 2015 10:15

Seatronics completed a project with marine services organization Meridian Ocean Services in Mexico to inspect and chart existing pipelines along the coast of Ciudad Del Carmen, which required a full survey equipment spread utilizing a Forum Comanche ROV.

Gen 5 Multiplexer. Image from Seatronics.

As a light work class ROV would be inappropriate for the type of planned inspection (due to the payload capacity of 250 kg) Seatronics proposed the implementation of the RTS Gen 5 Multiplexer as a suitable solution for the identified issue, as well as the use of a technician to help with the integration of the electronics to the ROV. The technology provided by Seatronics enabled Meridian to run the equipment while utilizing the Comanche’s native 300 voltage direct current (VDC) power supply. Additional buoyancy was also added by Meridian. This enabled a smaller ROV to be used to complete a project that would normally require a much larger vehicle.

“The project goal was to determine the integrity of the pipe laid previously within the area. Seatronics provided continuous support during the pre-mobilization period for a challenging ROV integration and changing customer requirements in a short time frame. The equipment provided performed effectively and Seatronics’ support in various challenges during the project enabled its successful completion,” John Dunn, Meridian engineering and technical manager said. “The innovative configuration we developed made deployment of a smaller ROV spread possible; eliminating the requirement for a work class vehicle to perform the complex project, and delivering significant cost savings.”   

The full range of equipment supplied for the project by Seatronics included the Gen 5 Multiplexer; two R2 Sonic 2024 multibeam systems; an Teledyne Workhorse DVL system; an Octans Fiber Optic Gyro; a TSS - 440 pipe tracker; a Tritech bathymetric system and a Sidus green line laser. Seatronics facilitated full factory acceptance testing prior to mobilization with the supply of subsea cabling, manufactured in-house by Seatronics, providing the client with everything required to ease potential issues during mobilization.

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